How to handle cabinetry style options

How to handle cabinetry style options

There are plenty of cabinet styles to choose from for your remodel. And helping you make the most of these choices is something we're happy to assist with. 

Making sense of all the available cabinetry options takes time. But once you have a plan, these choices are much easier to make.

Kitchen cabinet features

When remodeling your kitchen cabinets, you'll find they are a large part of your budget. Cabinets cater to extensive needs, including looks, performance, storage space, and more.

Many homeowners choose to match existing kitchen decor, like flooring, backsplashes, and countertops. Others work to create a brand new appearance by having everything remodeled together.

We'll discuss all your cabinetry options and help with product selection. Then we'll take exact measurements and install them to your specifications. 

Bathroom cabinet features

In the bathroom, cabinets are not seen as often as those in the kitchen. But their functionality is just as necessary.

A bathroom vanity is a sink and storage combination, with other features included. Additions like lighting, fixtures, shelving offer more usefulness.

Style matters as much in the bathroom as in the kitchen. That's why there are so many appearance options available to you.

Be sure to think about height, storage space, and ease of access. If you have children in your home, these features can significantly impact your choice.

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