By Casey Calvetta

Hardwood floors are a classic choice that fit well in almost every space, but “high gloss” planks can date your home, distract the eye, and are nearly impossible to keep clean. While shiny wood once ruled the market, there’s a new finish taking its place — matte hardwood.

Matte floors originated in an attempt to make hardwood floors look more natural. Because they don’t reflect a lot of light, you’re able to see all the beautiful colors and graining of the floor much easier. For that reason, matte hardwood hides dents and scratches much better than reflective “high gloss” hardwood. This means more durability and less refinishing!

Matte hardwood floors are a great choice to elevate your home, but there are still so many styles and colors to choose from! Stop by any of our four Calvetta Brothers locations or schedule a free estimate to have one of our experts help you find the perfect hardwood floor for your home!