How the Calvetta Bros. Floor Show got started

We get asked often if we are really brothers (yes) and how our business got started. Sit back, enjoy your cup of coffee, and read on to how we started this business almost 20 years ago.

In 1999, Jason, Lance and Austin realized they all had a passion for the flooring industry... after all, their dad had been in it years before. Growing up in the business and witnessing first hand how their dad supported their family for years, they knew it was something they could make work if they all worked extremely hard and put 110% into what was soon to be called the Calvetta Bros. Floor Show.

By pooling $10,000 of their own money, they bought a few carpet samples and hit the ground running. They took out a full-page ad in the Cleveland Jewish News and gave readers an offer they couldn't refuse. At the time, they weren't totally sure how they would fulfill their promises displayed in the advertisement, but they were determined to make it work. During their first month in business, they surpassed their goal and realized they had something special between the three of them.

Today, all three brothers continue to work on the floor and with customers to ensure each and every flooring and remodel job is done with the 110% effort they started back in 1999. Their presence has grown from one showroom in Bedford Heights to three additional locations in Westlake, Northfield Center and Mentor.

The number 1 quality they feel has attributed to their success is providing customer service that is second to none. From service in each showroom to service in homes, the Calvetta Bros. want each person they work with to feel like they are an extension of their family.

Did you love working with us in the past? What was your favorite thing when working with the Calvetta Bros. Floor Show?