luxury vinyl plank in Cleveland, OH from the Calvetta Bros

Luxury Vinyl Plank: SPC vs WPC, What’s the difference and what is right for you.

Vinyl flooring has been around since the early 1930’s. It’s durable, affordable and can be produced in unlimited finishes. In the 1970’s Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) and Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) were introduced as low-cost alternative laminate and hardwood.

Fast forward to today, LVP and LVT are among the most popular floors and are produced using 2 very different core materials; Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), or Stone Polymer Composite (SPC.)Although the visual look of these two core materials are very similar, their functionality is vastly different.

WPC floors are traditionally thicker, softer under foot, and insulate sound better than SPC Floors. In short, WPC feels and acts more like wood. However, WPC must be cared for like wood in the respect that it can be dented. Also, when budgeting, it’s important to consider that WPC is often priced higher than SPC.

SPC floors on the other hand provide superior performance over WPC. Their composition of stone and polymer make them more durable for high traffic and commercial applications. SPC is also often more affordable than WPC, making it a clear choice for those on a budget or lots of kids.

So what’s right for you? This is something you’ll have to decide on your own, but I’ll leave you with a few questions that may help your decision-making process.

1. What is my application? Do I have kids?
2. Do I drop things a lot?
3. What is the noise level in the house and what do I want it to be?
4. What is my budget?
5. How long will I be staying here?
6. Last, but most importantly, you have to decide on a look that will make you fall in love with your home!

When you visit us in the showroom, we review this with you as part of your consultation. With hundreds of WPC and SPC styles too choose from, we’llshow you the differences and help you make the best choice.