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For some, bathroom and kitchen remodeling is a must; for others, an upgrade. In either case, having the information can change everything. If you search our brands and services, you'll find everything necessary for remodeling. And with professional consultation, you'll find your answers even faster too.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling
Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are similar in many ways and different in others. For instance, both might need new cabinets. We work with some of the best cabinet brands in the industry. In our showroom, you'll find names like:

Kitchen cabinets often offer more design variety because they are at the heart of the home. You want prettier pieces in this space where people often gather for meals and conversation.

Flooring, backsplashes, shelving, lighting, and fixtures are common replacements in both spaces. And you can create beautiful continuity throughout with suitable materials.

Increased safety and home value

In some areas, remodeling can make the space safer. Choose non-slip floors, pull bars, and fixtures for peace of mind and more.

With new materials and features, you can expect the value of your home to increase as well. Whether you choose to invest that in equity or resale, you'll see excellent results.

Remodeling the whole home
If you replace floors in your kitchen and bathroom, why not replace them everywhere else as well? We offer whole-home remodels that bring everything together. We'll discuss products, trends, budget, and more to ensure your remodel is perfect. Then, when you share your vision with our consultants and staff, you'll see great results. 

We'll make sure to suggest the perfect products and services for all your needs. You may even find lower energy costs when you replace windows and appliances.



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We'll take time to tell you about all the brands we offer. You can find them all in our showrooms in Bedford Heights, Northfield, Westlake, Mentor and Bath Township, OH. 

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